After the successful launch of CANDLE BRICK / FIRST FIFTY last May, British designer Sebastian Bergne is renewing his collaboration with THE ART DESIGN LAB to launch CANDLE BRICK / REBUILDING, from November 4 to 30, 2020 on

CANDLE BRICK / REBUILDING is the result of a new session of experimental research, around brick in all its forms, varnished, enamelled, colored from the Studio of Sebastian Bergne.

CANDLE BRICK / REBUILDING is the ideal gift to give or to offer yourself to illuminate an office, a bedroom in a unique version or through a real artistic composition. It is the perfect symbol to “build” or recreate a bond with our friends, our family, our colleagues or clients, add poetry to our spaces, embellish our daily life, on the occasion of Christmas.

Emblem of a noble, durable building material, this brick candle holder, both original and unique, handcrafted with all the artisanal and aesthetic qualities, will easily combine with any interior. Each CANDLE BRICK / REBUILDING comes with white candles and is individually wrapped.

Exclusively, The Art Design Lab will offer an exclusive edition of 3 fixed compositions created, signed and numbered by Sebastian Bergne of 2, 3 and 5 bricks (180 to 480 €) as well as three new original preparatory drawings, signed (600 € and 900 €).

Single brick covered with mat varnish + 2 white candles in a cotton bag: 50 €

Weight 1.5 kg – Dimensions of Candle Brick: 8 cm x 16 cm x 5 cm.

3 bricks covered with mat varnish + 4 white candles in a wooden box: 125 €.

Weight 3.5 kg – Dimensions of Candle Brick: 8 cm x 16 cm x 5 cm – Dimensions of the Box: 18cm x 28cm x 10cm.

Single enamelled brick (several colors) + 2 white candles in a cotton bag: 85 €.

Weight 1.5 kg – Dimensions of Candle Brick: 8 cm x 16 cm x 5 cm.

Exclusive edition: 3 compositions assembled and fixed by Sebastian Bergne of 2, 3 and 5 bricks  : from 180 to 480 €.

The compositions are covered with a mat varnish and are signed on the back. They are delivered in a cotton bag with 2, 4 or 6 candles. Weight 3.5 – 5 kg – Dimensions of Candle Brick: 8 cm x 16 cm x 5 cm

Original preparatory drawings, signed: € 600 and € 900.



During epic experimental sessions in collaboration with the Center International d’Art Verrier (CIAV) in Meisenthal, François Azambourg broke free from the classic production process, going so far as to burn a wooden mold that would give birth with the Douglas vase, now an iconic object. These unique vases with walls bearing the imprints of their wooden matrix, sinuous veins, tormented knots, tiny crevices, interpret the unalterable heritage of time that is imprinted in the glass blown by the master glassmakers of Meisenthal.

In the same vein, the Brindille vase forever fixes in the glass the delicate contours of elements drawn from nature (foliage, flax flowers, twigs and other fir thorns …). An innovative way of reinventing the glass decor through a process that is certainly not very academic, but how edifying!
Finally, the Untouchable, as its name suggests, questions the fragility of glass and the paradox between the beauty and the dangerousness of its shards.

Collect the unique and original pieces of François Azambourg who explores the expressive potential of materials manufacturing and shaping processes, whether they are industrial, artisanal, innovative or traditional. He engages his practice in research situations and dedicates his work to the alliance of techniques and art, specific to applied arts, with a constant concern for economy of means.

François Azambourg is represented by the kreo Gallery, collaborates with Cappellini, Ligne Roset, Hermès and Petit h, Louis Vuitton, Poltrona Frau, Moustache, Toulemonde Bochart, Chevalier Édition, the CIAV, the Atelier d’exercices…

While his production focuses mainly on the creation of furniture and lighting, he also composes scenography, theatre sets, urban and interior layouts for municipalities, hotels and individuals.                                                           Winner of the Villa Kujoyama in 2015, the Grand Prix du Design de Paris in 2004, the Villa Médicis hors les Murs in 2003, the Prix de la Vocation de la Fondation Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet in 1993, the Fondation de France in 1988 and of the concours du Musée des Arts Décoratifs in 1985, François Azambourg is supported by the VIA thanks to five calls for projects, a Carte Blanche in 2005 and numerous labels. Several of his creations have integrated the collections of the FRAC, the CNAP, the Centre Pompidou and the Musée des Arts décoratifs de Paris.

Orchestrated by THE ART DESIGN LAB gallery and Christie’s, the EXPERIMENTATIONS exhibition will also highlight the drawings and other preparatory work related to the project.







Design for Life is a charity sale, set up by Sam Baron and The Art Design Lab, for the benefit of the Fondation de l’Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris, and more specifically of the AP-HP Sorbonne University Hospital-University Group, with for the purpose of helping nursing staff and researchers to cope with the urgency of the current situation.

We mobilized the community of designers who offered drawing (s), sometimes accompanied by a prototype or an object, all for sale on the Design for Life page, from April 10 to May 31, 2020.

Discover the talent of French and international designers, recognized or beginners, by acting together for an essential cause. Design x Life values ​​the creativity of these designers and their know-how during this secret, moving and effervescent phase that characterizes any creative process, before being embodied in the materiality of an object. The designers of objects or furniture, fashion-designers, architects, landscapers, scenographers … have selected the most emblematic and significant drawings and preparatory works to offer them to amateurs and collectors in order to help nursing staff and researchers.

Each piece is unique and comes with a certificate of authenticity and an invoice.

Your purchases will be sent to you by the designers as soon as the confinement is over and 100% of the proceeds from this sale (excluding bank charges) will be donated to the Fondation de l’Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris.

We are counting on your generosity but also on your ability to support this action and to invite your friends to do the same. At the same time, make a donation to the Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris Covid 19 emergency fund.

Take care of yourself.

Karine Scherrer, founder of The Art Design Lab

Sam Baron, Creative Director and Designer



We would like to sincerely thank for their early commitment and support: Antoine Vaccaro / Force for Good agency, Clémentine Terramorsi-Godard, Marie Godfrain, Marie de Cossette, Gilles Muller, the Thinkers & Doers think tank, Bénédicte Colpin, Olivier Körner, 3ème Rive, all giving us their pro bono assistance.


Candle Brick / First Fifty is a special collaboration with The Art Design Lab, which ended on June 30th with 50 first brick candle holders sold exclusively.

Candle Brick is a brick candle holder, handcrafted with all the craftsmanship and aesthetic qualities of a noble building material and with a very utilitarian function in a home. In an eco-environmental approach, Candle Brick illuminates your daily life, a table, a shelf, a bar, individually or through a real artistic installation with three to fifteen candlesticks.

British industrial designer Sebastian Bergne is renowned for making everyday objects special with his essential and human approach to design.

Sebastian’s versatility allows him and his team to work in different ways. As an industrial design center external to international brands, as a designer and supplier of bespoke objects for restaurants, retailers and individuals or even as a producer of its growing collection of personal editions.

Graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1990, he founded his studio the same year. His achievements have since been widely recognized with international design awards, frequent publications, exhibitions, and inclusion in museum collections such as the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and the Design Museum (London). His rich experience makes him sought after as a curator, speaker and commentator in design.

All products sold on this page have been designed and produced by Sebastian Bergne.

This new edition from Sebastian Bergne‘s studio is the culmination of an experimental research session on this most sustainable and culturally rich building material to date. With Bergne’s distinctive approach, Candle Brick challenges the aesthetic with what we consider to be humble or noble.

Don’t miss the launch of a new 500-piece series this fall, all featuring new features.



Design for Life is a charity sale for the Fondation de l’Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, and more specifically for Groupe Hospitalo-Universitaire Sorbonne AP-HP, with the aim of helping medical staff, researchers to cope with the current emergency.

We mobilised the community of designers who offered one or more drawings and some times even prototypes and/or objects.

The charity sale will be ongoing here from April 10 to May 31, 2020.

Join the The Art Design Lab  associated to French and international designers, (young talents as well as major stars) to act for a vital humanitarian cause.

Your acquisitions will be sent to you by the designers themselves at the end of the confinement and 100% of the proceeds of the sale (excluding bank charges) will be donated to the Fondation de l’Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris / Groupe Hospitalo-Universitaire Sorbonne AP-HP.

We count on your generosity in supporting this action.

You can as well directly donate to the Covid 19 emergency fund Covid 19 de l’Assistance Publique — Hôpitaux de Paris.

Please share!

Thanks for your kind attention and help.
Best wishes for you and your family.

Karine Scherrer, founder of The Art Design Lab
Sam Baron, creative director and designer



Exhibition from 15th to 2st November. Don’t miss a selection of unique artworks by Christie’s designers at 9, avenue Matignon 75008 Paris, from 10am to 6pm. Celebrate with us the launch of The Art Design Lab on November 16th at 6:30pm!

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