Anthony Gralhien


Anthony Gralhien is a French designer, born in the Paris region in 1990. First attracted by architecture he went into Bts design of space which he obtained in Paris in 2012. Four years later he graduated from school of art and design in Orléans in 2016 where he developed his knowledge and know-how in product design and graphics. This is how he envisions design, as a whole and in all its scales, from sketches to space.
He was selected to exhibit on several occasions to show his work, notably at the FRAC Center during a partnership with LVMH and at the collegiate church of St Pierre le Puellier in Orléans alongside François Brument among others.
After starting to work in Paris as a designer, he took the opportunity to organize exhibitions with friends of Parisian artists and painters. Today he lives and works in Burgundy in an architecture agency for 3 years and he multiplies his experiences with several agencies and develops his personal projects thanks to his freelance status. He continues to exhibit his personal works at various events because in addition to these activities, he has a practice of drawing and painting which is daily in order to open his own studio.

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