Bernard Valero



Preparatory drawing. Unique work. Dated and signed on the front.


Technique Mixte Ink / Felts / on tablecloth paper


Dim 25cm x 50cm

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this drawing will be donated to the Fondation de l’Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, Groupe Hospitalo-Universitaire AP-HP Sorbonne.

Because of COVID-19, the work will be sent to you by the designer as soon as the confinement ends.


“Our architecture is deliberately rigorous and timeless. We favor sustainability and reversibility. Environmental quality also involves leaving reversible structures.
The technique will follow.

Translate for others, for all, the complexity of each program and make things more accessible, apparently simpler, apparent simplicity.

Never agreeing to repeat the same projects has forced us to evolve. The diversity of programs and projects linked to research, helps us to always explore new models based on our experience.

To love this profession, our profession, is like an actor, to take on multiple roles and always play, to have this transversal vision which embraces all professions. We consider that only the constraints of sites and programs can advance the project. Paradoxically, the difficulties build the works. We are still seeking to affirm density as the city's raw material. "Dencité", to extract the vacuum, discover the desired vacuum, the vacuum as discovery, as a visual escape, there an open door, there a porch, there a hidden garden, surprise and emotion. "

Bernard Valero Architect D.P.L.G.
Member of Académie d'Architecture
Founders & Associates


Certificate of authenticity

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