Riwan Coëffic

Quatre couleurs #3



Unique work. Signed on the front. Dated on the back.


Ballpoint pen on 120g / m² paper, smooth grain, acid-free.


A6, 10.5cm x 14.8cm.


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Riwan Coëffic

From the magazine Etapes – 2020.

From 4 colors’pen to polyurethane

How to translate a drawing into an object? Inspired by his attraction to the research phase that precedes each design project, Riwan Coëffic is interested in preparatory drawing. Armed with his favorite tool, a bic pen, he explores the possibilities of this medium: fine lines, patterns, gradients and textured volumes, the graphic effects are numerous. The student is inspired by forms that he meets on a daily basis, an architectural element, an arch, a window, a detail on an object, a piece of mountain, a tunnel and brings them together in illustrations, composed by colored hatching. Designed in A6 format, this collection of images represents a working basis, a vocabulary of shapes, vibrant textures and proportions. Following this first phase of sketches, Riwan Coëffic translates the graphic qualities and sensations of pen drawing into a series of objects. Three pieces of furniture are born from this principle: a shelf, a bench and a console. Wishing to establish a relationship to the body between the user and the object, the young designer imagines massive furniture, the largest room of which measures one meter eighty. He transcribes the color and grain of the illustrations by large color gradients on the objects, supported by the particular texture of the sprayed polyurethane. Very strong, this material is resistant to shocks, outdoor use and supports the seat function. As the volumes of the furniture are imposing, they are divided into two or three parts, and fit together with aluminum clasps that click together. By manipulating the different parts, the user feels a sensation of satisfaction comparable to that experienced when drawing the colored screens. With malice and ingenuity, Riwan Coëffic signs a playful diploma project, which materializes the spontaneity of the design in a series of functional furniture.



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